For those of you who have recently adopted a mature dog, Congratulations! Adopting a pet is great because you are giving them a forever home and rescuing them from the shelter. However, sometimes events from their past can have a negative effect on their behavior today. Paws Down Training is here to help you keep the dog you saved!

Getting Acquainted… This one-hour training session is meant to help you build a strong foundation of good behavior for your newly adopted pet. In this private training session Amber will give you the tools to form the kind of relationship you want with your new addition to become your new best friend. 

…And Beyond - Once you and your dog have developed a bond; it is time for the two of you to begin basic and advanced training classes!
Basic - We will work on cues like, focus, sit, down, come, stay, and heel. 

Advanced - Sessions will be custom planned for your specific needs that are determined in the pre-training consultation. Most people like to work on problem behaviors such as jumping, bolting, barking, digging, and nipping/biting. We will also address problem prevention and problem solving techniques. The initial thirty-minute consultation will allow Amber to customize a training program for you and your dog that will deliver long-lasting results well after your training sessions are over.

*Paws Down Training does not guarantee that your dog will be “fixed.” Training takes a lot of time and consistency. The owner has to work daily with the dog outside of training sessions for training to be successful.

Paws Down Training