You CAN live happily ever after with your dog! Paws Down Training offers beginning and advanced training programs to address your puppy and dog’s specific needs. Training classes are held in the convenience of your home so we can work exclusively with you.

Puppy Preschool – Focus will be placed on the following: focus, sit, down, stay, come, and heel. Potty training, jumping, nipping, and other puppy traits are also addressed in this program. – Change to - "Since all dogs learn at a different pace Amber prefers to work session by session with you and your dog. Each session is sixty minutes.

Advanced Puppy Training – After your puppy has graduated from ‘Puppy Preschool’ you may want to continue training. In the ‘Paws Down Training’ advanced class; this means teaching your puppy to “take it/drop it”, “fetch”, “hand” you an item, and other advanced cues. We will also address problem prevention and problem solving techniques.

*Paws Down Training does not guarantee that your dog will be “fixed.” Training takes a lot of time and consistency. The owner has to work daily with the dog outside of training sessions for training to be successful.

Paws Down Training